We have had an exciting haul of stories in our Litreasure Hunt For Temptation.

Keep in the loop to know the details. 

We happily announce the next contest!

The theme of this season is – EMBARRASSMENT.

Embarrassment...a queasy feeling that no one has missed...but has rarely admitted to it... and least of all, written about. It’s a sensation that makes us have cold feet, dry throats, red cheeks and even go bristly all over the body.

Your stories can be naughty, grave, dark, contemplative, humorous, erotic, horrific, romantic or fact tales of embarrassment in any conceivable genre that your imagination can conjure. Send in your stories to us and who knows, your creation could find a place in our New Anthology 

“The LiTreasure Hunt

About The LiTreasure Hunt

Writers are a lonely species. There is no survey that can tell us how many of them inhabit this planet. Even less can be said about the stories they’ve written. These writers think and act in isolation, searching for stories in every possible situation, around every corner, leaving no stone unturned, or path untrodden.

Stories too are a naughty lot. They entice, tease, sulk and prance around. They’re there to be seen, but aren’t easy to catch. It requires effort to lure them out of hiding and bring them out into the open. Every writer who is able to do that successfully requires a round of applause.

While these writers are sitting in their dens dressing their stories we invite them onto this platform with their prize catch. At LiTreasure, it’s always hunting season…So come and be a part of the LiTreasure Hunt. 
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